2017 Fall CCar Get-together

2017 Fall CCar Get-together

Information in the article provide by "CB" Bonotto on behalf of the CCar get-together in Sebring,FL. Many thanks to CB for all of his efforts to pull this event together.

Hello one and all from the Florida Citicar E.V. Club.It's that time again for the Fall Carlisle Auto fest at Lakeland Linder Sun n'Fun. It will be a 3 day event this year. Dates are November 10 -12, 2017,Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Lets see how many club members we can get to come.Perhaps we can win a 2 nd award for most registered club members.All EV 'are welcome. Bring your Citicar, Cumtuta-car, Postal Van, PHEV, Teslsa, or custom or home built EV's. We want to see all come out to this Big Event.

The Forida Citicar EV Club did receive two awards at the February meet. The first was for the most registered members and the 2nd was the"Coolest Club Hangout".
We will have two of Sebring Engineers joining us to tell us stories and answer questions about Sebring plant.Jerry Delany, that worked at Vanguard at the start will be at the meet. Also, James Tervort. James worked at Commuter Vehicles Inc. and later purchased CVI and made it a subsidiary of Sebring Autocycle Inc.They sold C-Car and postal van parts/pieces. Later they developed the Zzipper EV.

We have a blocked out set of rooms at Winter Haven Gardens & Conference Center.
Address1150 3rd St SW, Winter Haven, FL 33880
Phone(863) 294-4451

Advise hotel when making reservations you are with the the Florida Citicar EV Club to get the special club rate of 75$ per night.
If you need body panels for your Citicar or Comua-car or postal van,if you order them now and pick them up at the show you will get a 10% disccount
you can go to this web site to register. Remember to register under Florida Citicar EV Club


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