Solid State Motor Controller Installation Drawing
This drawings applies to all Solid State Motor Controllers that work with Series Wound Motors used in the CitiCar and ComutaCar. Old Foot Pedal Switch Assembly - Remove switch assembly but retain the all linkage... it works great with new Pot BoxNew Pot Box Mounted to old bracket.Finished Alltrax Installation in a CitiCar - mounted behind the seat on original mounting plate..
2017 Fall CCar Get-together
Information in the article provide by "CB" Bonotto on behalf of the CCar get-together in Sebring,FL. Many thanks to CB for all of his efforts to pull this event together.Hello one and all from the Florida Citicar E.V. Club.It's that time again for the Fall Carlisle Auto fest at Lakeland Linder Sun n'Fun. It will be a 3 day event this year. Dates are November 10 -12, 2017,Friday, Saturday and Sunday.Lets see how many club members we can get to come.Perhaps we can win a 2 nd award for most registered club members.All EV 'are welcome. Bring your Citicar, Cumtuta-car, Postal Van, PHEV, Teslsa,..
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Liberty Electric Motorcycle
This is a promo piece we did for one of our clients. Liberty Electric has been converting full size motorcycles to electric.  EVPerformance.com assisted with installation of the solid state motor controller, wiring of the bike and mechanical gear design. Visit www.libertyemc.com for more info...
 Giving a test to the You Tube Video capabilities of our blog software. We encourage you to subscribe to our EV Channel. We will be posting how-to videos soon. -Thanks ..
2016 Fall AutoFest in Lakeland, FL
The following was released from Howie Kubsch concerning the CCar meet in Lakeland, Florida. EV Performance will be using this page to keep current information available for this show. Many thanks to Howie, CB and all the people working to make this event happen! "The next Big C-Car , EV meet will again be held at Carlisle Events, Lakeland, FL location at Sun n' Fun. The Event dates are: November 10 thru November 13, 2016 Our C-Car Group will again have Prime  display space near front entry gate, just past the Main Ticket booth! We had about 19-20 EVs and plug-in hybrid EV..
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2014 CCar Meet at EV Performance in Rogersville, Alabama
  Well, through the awesome efforts of Leo and Jan Doyle and so many others, the 2014 CCar get together was a tremendous success. Events includes dinners, parades for the CCars and a visit to EV Performance. Interesting links from the event:Leo's Garage EV Performance  Special thanks to Howie Kubsch for many of the photos from this event and featured here in this blog.   More write-ups as soon as possible! ..
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Contactor Service Bulletin
  Contactor Service Bulletin This bulletin concerns the F/R contactor in both the CitiCar and ComutaCar.      Background: Original wiring of the contactors has the "Forward" in the "up" position and  "Reverse" with the contacts pulled down. This means that as the car is going down the road, the bouncing, gravity and the shock of the road is trying to pull the contacts apart. Contacts that normally are switched w..
Battery Charger Operation
Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Notes Battery Charger Notes  It is pretty much common knowledge that a 6-volt battery isn’t just 6-volts but rather closer the 6.75-volts. Each cell being 2.25-volts( 6 volt batteries have three cells). It stands to reason then, that the CitiCar or ComutaCar’s battery pack is not 48-volts but rather 54-volts in a fully charged condition. That is, fully charged and not over-charged, which is possible and reduces battery life. You’ve disconnected the charger from the pack, measured the voltage with your voltmeter and it reads on..
Brake Performance and Maintenance - All Electric Vehicles
Electric Vehicle Brake Performance Tips Brake Maintenance & Performance Tips For Electric Vehicles, it is imperative to have a properly functioning brake system; not just to maximize the brake effectiveness, but also to insure that our brakes are not eating away precious energy with unwanted rolling resistance. One very important advantage that electric cars have over internal combustion engines is they coast without using power, in effect providing "free" mileage. In addition, coasting allows the motor to cool down thereby making it easier to operate the motor withi..
CitiCar and ComutaCar VIN Number Decoding
A lot of confusion surrounds the VIN numbering of the carious models CitiCar, ComutaCar and PostalVans. Here we are to shed some light on the subject! A ideal situation is to have an original VIN Tag (always mounted on the vehicle's left side, at the top of the instrument console visible from the outside the car looking in towards the instrument console. Many of the cars were not issued with a title, they were intended for private property or warehouse use only. A proper VIN tag can almost always be created, however, by understanding how the VIN tag..
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