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Battery Charger Operation
Electric Vehicle Battery Charger Notes Battery Charger Notes  It is pretty much common knowledge that a 6-volt battery isn’t just 6-volts but rather closer the 6.75-volts. Each cell being 2.25-volts( 6 volt batteries have three cells). It stands to reason then, that the CitiCar or ComutaCar’s battery pack is not 48-volts but rather 54-volts in a fully charged condition. That is, fully charged and not over-charged, which is possible and reduces battery life. You’ve disconnected the charger from the pack, measured the voltage with your voltmeter and it reads on..
CitiCar and ComutaCar VIN Number Decoding
A lot of confusion surrounds the VIN numbering of the carious models CitiCar, ComutaCar and PostalVans. Here we are to shed some light on the subject! A ideal situation is to have an original VIN Tag (always mounted on the vehicle's left side, at the top of the instrument console visible from the outside the car looking in towards the instrument console. Many of the cars were not issued with a title, they were intended for private property or warehouse use only. A proper VIN tag can almost always be created, however, by understanding how the VIN tag..
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